Alleviation of the physical stress
ーstiff shoulders, lower back pain, posture improvementー
Improvement in problems prone to women
ーexcessive sensitivity to cold, edema, menstrual problemsー
Improvement in fatigue
ーfeeling chronically fatigued, eyestrain, insomniaー



Bring back the innate bodily functions and the optimal posture. By focusing on, and stimulating the inner muscles, those that we tend to forget how to use in our daily lives, we can improve the posture and wrong movements that have progressively worsened over the years. As a result, even with the long hours sitting in front of the desk, your body gets resilient and less likely to go back to its bad habits and posture. Also, your musculoskeletal problems, such as stiff shoulders and lower back pain, improves, as well as the autonomic nerve system problems, such as excessive sensitivity to cold and edema.


Ms. Sugahara (40s) Dog Trainer
In the past, I had experienced severe lower back pain that made it hard to even walk. I’ve started Pilates to avoid this happening again. After starting Pilates, I’ve noticed that my body movements were not coordinated, and that I was unconsciously over activating different parts of the body which resulted in putting unwanted strain on my lower back.

Learning how to move my body through the lessons, and applying it in my daily life, I feel less strain on my body, and that my lower back pain has disappeared.

It’s always fun to take lessons, because my instructor tells me my movement habits accurately.
Ms. Kawaguchi (40s) Translator
As I was fighting my excruciatingly stiff shoulders during work, my co-worker told me Pilates is effective for those symptoms.
I have taken a few private yoga lessons before, but never for Pilates.
After about five lessons of Pilates, I noticed that my shoulders were not bothering me so much, and sitting for a long time wasn’t as strenuous as before.
Not only did my shoulder stiffness improve, but my body started to move much more smoothly, so I have started running as a hobby, and I am now planning to run a full marathon next year.


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    Recommended for someone willing to first try Pilates out.

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