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All of our instructors are Polestar Pilates licensed instructors specialized in many fields.

Miwa Wada
Miwa came to know Pilates when she was working in NYC at a medical advertisement company, but at the time, it wasn’t something she felt effective or attractive. About a decade later, she moved to Tokyo to settle and had a child. Exercising became a thing of the past in the frenzy of parenting, and it severely aggravated her lower back pain, triggering the onset of frozen shoulder syndrome. Needless to say, her body was flabby and she was reliant on antibiotics due to her lowered immune system. However, as she started taking Pilates sessions, gradually but surely, her posture improved dramatically, along with her lower back and shoulder problems. Using her medical knowledge and going through childbirth, she continues to study hard to better serve her clients.

Yuriko Yajima
Yuriko started taking Pilates to improve her dance performance skills, and learned how fun it is to be able to control her own body as she studied about body movements and thus, about her own self. She noticed that not only has she started to have less injuries, and improved on her dance performance, but also, feel more serene and positive. Wanting to convey how wonderful that was, she studied and obtained the license for Pilates instructor. In order to better serve a larger range of clients, she has studied Pilates for senior, and also, having gone through childbirth herself, she has obtained the Pre/Post Natal Pilates license as well.

Momoko Matsuura
After working as a ground-crew at a major international airport, she worked in marketing and HR office at a foreign firm, in which the excessively hard and long hours of work lead to health problems. Seeking a method to be able to truly interact with people, she encountered Pilates. She realized that the accumulation of the small changes satiates the body and mind, allowing one to feel the innate ability of one’s body. By constantly attending numerous anatomy and movement seminars even after obtaining her Pilates license, she strives to always improve on her teaching techniques and understanding on human body and movements.

Aya Yakushiji
Growing up in Nara, she started dancing in her your age. Realizing that Kansai couldn’t offer the genre of dance she wanted to learn, she decided to move to Tokyo. Dancing day in and day out, she became a professional assistance dancer that appeared on major concert stages and medias. She came to know Pilates after having a knee injury, which impaired her to dance for a while. By improving her skeletal-muscle functions and posture with Pilates, she now has less injuries, and feel physically and mentally satiated. Pilates has also made her gain a lean but incredibly strong body with increased flexibility and agility, which greatly helps with the quality of her performance. She now performs as a professional contemporary dancer.


Can I become thin doing Pilates?
Pilates’ exercises stimulate the inner muscles that exist deep in the core and hence, are not often used in our daily lives. By bringing attention to these muscles and using them effectively, our metabolic rate goes up, and we can thus expect our bodies to burn fat. Because muscle weighs more than fat, even if you don’t see a big decrease in your weight, you may appear thinner as your muscles get toned, and you become more fit.


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