Scoliosis Care

Improvement of Cobb Angle
Prevention of Scoliosis Progression
Improvement and Recovery of Pain and Stiffness


Scoliosis Care

Pilates has been reported to improve scoliosis in many cases. Several studies have also demonstrated improvements in scoliosis-related pain, stiffness, flexibility, internal organs and respiratory function. The Pilates method, with its specialized equipment, allows for the proper approach to each segment of spine movement, including axial elongation, rotation, lateral flexion, flexion and extension. As a result, good corrective results can be expected.

*With scoliosis corrective care, we recommend that you first have an x-ray taken at one of our affiliated clinics.

Research results on scoliosis correction with the Pilates method

In a study conducted by Alves et al. a target group of 20 patients with scoliosis who were corrected using a Pilates machine on 31 scoliosis patients were compared to a control group of 11 patients who were not corrected. Results showed a 38% reduction in Cobb angle, as well as a significant improvement in pain and flexibility.

Reference Link: The Effectiveness of the Pilates Method: Reducing the Degree of Non-Structural Scoliosis, and Improving Flexibility and Pain in Female College Students.

CBP®︎ Postural Correction for Scoliosis

We offer CBP®︎ posture correction in addition to Pilates upon request. CBP®︎ is the most scientifically researched posture correction method in the world and has shown excellent results in scoliosis correction. Therefore, we believe that the most effective way to correct scoliosis is to combine the Pilates method with CBP®︎ posture correction.

For more information on CBP®︎ Postural Correction, please click here.
For more information on CBP®︎Correction for scoliosis, please click here.

Flow of Scoliosis Care

①Fill out the interview sheet and confirm precautions
②Initial trial lesson
③If possible, x-ray at the affiliated clinic (recommended)
④Start of correction using the Pilates method based on the results of the x-ray analysis (combined with CBP if desired)
⑤If possible, re-evaluation after 3 to 6 months by x-rays (recommended)


  • ■Trial Session(First time only)

    Recommended for someone willing to first try Pilates out.

  • Private Sessions
  • ■Normal Sessions

  • Private Sessions


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