Sports Injuries and Performance

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Sports Injuries and Performance

The relationship between Pilates and athletes has a long history. In the past, it was used by military personnel to recover from injuries and improve their condition, then by ballet and dancers, and now top athletes from the four major American sports, soccer, and golfers are using Pilates on a daily basis.

Representative athletes and teams include Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team and so on.

Pilates integrates movement and stability of the trunk, pelvis, and shoulder blades, emphasizing correct breathing, proper spinal and pelvic alignment, and smooth movement, allowing athletes to become aware of each part of the body. Athletes will be able to run faster and longer and jump higher. Moreover, they can perform these movements while avoiding the risk of pain and injury.

Pilates and athlete care are inseparable, and there is no doubt that more and more athletes will adopt Pilates in the future.


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